About Us

The Uncles Were the First Roofing Contractors

AAA Roofing of Hudson, NY has been family owned and operated for nearly 100 years. It all started back in the 1930’s with two brothers, Mike and Steve Ewasick. Raised in Hudson, the heart of Columbia County, NY, they learned the art and science of roofing in an established roofing company called Hawver and Schermerhorn. The quality of their work was so renowned that they were entrusted with the roof of Hudson City Hall (see photos below). By 1936, the brothers because partners in the business, and the name was changed to Hawver and Ewasick Roofing,

The Road to AAA Roofing Begins

They believed that even though they didn’t have flashy advertising, they could succeed by doing the right thing. A strong work ethic coupled with the highest personal integrity would win over customers. This helped them grow the business into a large, successful roofing company. At the time, they did business in the area near the St. Charles Hotel and current Speedway station in Hudson. That is how the company that is now AAA Roofing of Hudson, NY was born.

Transition to AAA Roofing

The years that have passed have proven the brothers right. Their modest start has grown into one of the largest and most trusted roofing contractors in New York’s Capitol Region. As time went on, the brothers brought their nephew, Joseph into the business, teaching him their skills and work ethic. In 1970, Mike and Steve handed the reins of the company over to their nephew. He purchased the building in which the company’s headquarters is housed to this day.

The brothers have long since passed on and Joseph has continued to grow the business. He does what his uncles taught him; providing quality roofing services and treating customers as he would want to be treated. In 1988, Joseph changed the name of the company to AAA Roofing, a once-popular strategy for getting the first listing in the Yellow Pages. As often happens in multi-generational family owned businesses, Joseph’s son learned from him about roofing and customer service at a very early age. He strives, alongside his father, to maintain the quality standards that have been the hallmark of AAA Roofing for almost 100 years.

AAA Roofing Today

If you look at the sign in the photos above, you’ll notice that AAA Roofing’s precursor did all kinds of sheet metal work. Maybe that’s why we’re the preferred roofing contractor for metal roofs! In the years that have passed, we no longer do all kinds of sheet metal work. Instead, we have added other services, including roof cleaning and snow shoveling, gutter cleaning and repair and exterior painting.

From its humble beginnings in Hudson, the company has grown to what AAA Roofing is today. We occupy a location at 70 Middle Rd, Hudson, NY 12534, maintain multiple work crews and provide superior roofing work and customer service to homeowners and businesses alike. Our service area now extends throughout Columbia, Greene, Rensselaer, Albany, Dutchess, Ulster and Sullivan Counties.

You can benefit from AAA Roofing’s decades of experience by requesting your free roofing quote now.