Other Services

Other services we offer in additional to quality roofing repair and replacement for all types of homes and commercial structures, include the following.

Roof-Related Services

  • Roof cleaning – You may wish to have your roof cleaned for cosmetic reasons or to keep living things from taking up residence on your roof. This is especially important for homes and businesses that have a lot of tree branches overhead, which cause debris to accumulate on the roof.
  • Roof inspections – As part of a real estate transaction for the purchase of a new home or commercial building, you may wish to have a thorough roof inspection done. You may get a big surprise if it turns out there is a roofing issue after a home inspector has done a cursory inspection of the roof. You might also want to do a roof inspection as your roof ages to help you be proactive in home or building maintenance. It will allow you to take care of any roofing problems before the water damage starts to impact the interior of the building.
  • Drone based video roof inspections – You can also have a drone based video inspection, which allows you to “see with your own eyes,” the condition of your roof. There is always an additional fee for drone-based inspections. This is one of the other services we offer for your peace of mind.
  • Attic venting – A properly vented attic makes your home more energy efficient and improves storage conditions in your attic by controlling heat and humidity. If you’re looking to install an attic fan, trust our roofing experts to do it right, so you don’t trade one problem for another.
  • Roof snow shoveling – Your flat or slightly pitched roof could be holding a lot of weight from snow accumulation after a significant snowfall. Our fully insured roofers can shovel the snow off your roof while you remain safely on the ground or indoors. Another risk of snow accumulation on a roof exists on steeply pitched roofs or metal roofs and other materials that create vertical channels. That is the risk of accumulated snow becoming loose as it melts and sending an unexpected icy avalanche down on you or a visitor. That may be not only uncomfortable, but dangerous. Considering the nature of snow storms, this other service is available on short notice.
  • Repairing other roofers’ work – Of course, we would prefer if you had called us to get the work done right the first time. Sometimes even a savvy buyer can be lured in by handyman prices or a bad recommendation and later experience leaks or other roofing problems. We can troubleshoot your roof and replace only the parts that are causing the problem. We do this kind of work often.

Other Services That are not Roof Related

  • Gutter cleaning – It makes sense to take care of all of your issues at the same time. While we’re on your roof, repairing, replacing or cleaning it, let us clean out your gutters too. This can prevent water backup and damage from clogged gutters. It’s not roofing, but we offer this other service for free.
  • Gutter repairs – Just as we said for gutter cleaning above, taking care of any gutter repairs that are needed can go a long way toward preventing future damage to your home or commercial building.
  • Exterior painting – We don’t call ourselves AAA Roofing & Exterior Painting, so this may be an unexpected other service. Our fully insured crews can paint the outside of your home. Exterior painting can extend the life of your wood or aluminum siding or shakes and add lots of curb appeal to your home. It’s a cost-effective alternative to re-siding.